•  Two-wing  AUTO-Revolving Door
  •  Two-wing  AUTO-Revolving Door
Two-wing  AUTO-Revolving Door  Two-wing  AUTO-Revolving Door

Product Introduction

KEER Two-wing  AUTO-Revolving Door

The Keer- two-wing revolving door offers plenty of scope for architectural creativity while also raising accessibility and convenience to a new level. Thanks to the variability of its design and a broad selection of surface finishes, it will turn the entrance of any building into a prestigious Entrance.



Rotation checking function, emergency stop function, windbreak and dustproof function, central control function of fire protection, function of automatically open the middle sliding door, programmable logic control functions, trouble self-checking function, night lock function, access control function, frequency conversion function, speed adjustment, safety prevent bump or pinching , UPS function of emergency power supply (optional), switching function of door leaf stop position, waiting function for passing through slowly , reverse function of defend pinching, door leaf position setting.


Door operation sensors(concealing)(infra-red)----4pcs
Anti-pinching sensors(concealing)(infra-red reflection)----2pcs
Anti-pinching sensors(concealing)(infra-red reflection)----2pcs
Anti-pinching sensors(extrusion mode)----4sets
Anti-collision sensors(infra-red reflection)----4pairs
Buffer rubber----2sets
Slow speed button----2sets

1.Surface treatment: stainless steel surface(mirror, hairline, titanium alloy), fluocarbon coating spraying, baking varnish.
2.Central fire protection system
3.Access control system


Supply power: AC 220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: motor 200-600W, light 500W
Intelligent computer control
Multilevel control, frequency control of motor speed
Sensor: rubber and infra-red anti-pinching sensor
Safety device:16A or 2×10A
1.Door Body
Special aluminum door profile.
Door leaf and exhibition box are 6/8mm transparent tempered glasses, curved wall is 10mm tempered glass (5+5mm arc safety laminated glass).
3.Drive device
Two sets AC220V, 50/60Hz,0.2-0.6KW.
Function of preventing electromagnetic interference.
5.Central control computer
Programmable logic control system, revolving mode or sliding mode can be set.
6. Revolving speed control
The variable-frequency speed adjustment system ensures the door start, work and stop smoothly.
7. UPS control box
When electricity is failed, UPS will start the middle sliding door.
8. Sensor
Infra-red (radar) motion sensors, vertical rubber sensor defend pinching at entrances, anti-collision sensor at the bottom of door leaf, infra-red direct measure sensor defend pinching.
9. Emergency stop button
Installed on the column of entrance right side, use for e mergency situation
10. Button for disabled
Installed on the column of entrance right side, use for disabled people pass slowly.
11. Electric magnetic lock setting
It can automatically lock the door.
12. Status and fault display
Display correct code or fault code of revolving operations.
13. Central fire protection control device
The middle induction sliding door is connected with the fire alarm in the building , it will open quickly in an emergency and become an evacuation access.
14. Door leaf stop positions setting (optional)
Winter stop position, summer stop position, stop position of middle automatic sliding door, hold-open position, stop position of slow-down waiting, etc.
15. Reverse function of anti-pinching.